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Install GNOME-Shell in Arch Linux

I was getting curious about the progress of the new GNOME-Shell (which will be part of GNOME 3.x), so I went to find how to install it in Arch Linux. It is, just like a number of things, available in the Arch User Repository (AUR), but I also found that there is an official package… Read More »

Install Required Fonts on Arch Linux

I was reinstalling Arch Linux just the other day and I noticed that, while my Desktop looked natural enough, my web browser fonts did not. I did some quick reading and found some of the fonts that seem to clear up the issue. If your fonts look a bit fuzzy, you’ll likely want to keep… Read More »

AUR Package of the Week : Firefox-Branded

I’m happy to present the AUR Package of the Week, and also the first package of the new year! Today I thought I would showcase the old and trusted browser, Firefox, with a slight twist from the package available in the main repositories. Installation The version of Firefox available in the main repositories is distribution-restricted… Read More »

AUR Package of the Week : Google-Chrome-Beta

This week, as we get ready to start a new year, I want to present Google-Chrome-Beta as the AUR package of the week. This is Google’s official Beta release of their browser. Installing Google-Chrome-Beta To install the Google Chrome Beta browser from AUR, use the following command from your favorite terminal: yaourt -S google-chrome-beta This will… Read More »