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The Simplest DVD Ripper for Mac!

My wife and I are movie fans. For as long as I can remember one of our favorite things to do is sit down together and watch a movie. Then we had kids and our movies started becoming toys. It is really frustrating to pull a DVD off the shelf and find either that it… Read More »

AUR Package of the Week : Firefox-Branded

I’m happy to present the AUR Package of the Week, and also the first package of the new year! Today I thought I would showcase the old and trusted browser, Firefox, with a slight twist from the package available in the main repositories. Installation The version of Firefox available in the main repositories is distribution-restricted… Read More »

Reset Root Password : FreeBSD

This post will outline how to reset the root password on FreeBSD. These instructions require local access to the machine and are available on FreeBSD versions 5.4 and greater. Resetting the root password As I mentioned above, resetting the root password and gaining administrative access to the machine requires local access to the server. Following… Read More »

AUR Package of the Week : Google-Chrome-Beta

This week, as we get ready to start a new year, I want to present Google-Chrome-Beta as the AUR package of the week. This is Google’s official Beta release of their browser. Installing Google-Chrome-Beta To install the Google Chrome Beta browser from AUR, use the following command from your favorite terminal: yaourt -S google-chrome-beta This will… Read More »

Hello World!

Welcome to Enhanced Linux! This blog aims to enhance your Linux and UNIX experience by publishing tips and tricks on all aspects of Linux life. Whether it be Desktop users on Ubuntu or Server Admins on FreeBSD, we’ll publish tips to try and make your life easier. Enhancing the user experience is our goal!