Install Required Fonts on Arch Linux

By | 2010/01/15

I was reinstalling Arch Linux just the other day and I noticed that, while my Desktop looked natural enough, my web browser fonts did not. I did some quick reading and found some of the fonts that seem to clear up the issue. If your fonts look a bit fuzzy, you’ll likely want to keep reading.

Arch Linux Fonts

To get a better all-around font experience, including the desktop and the web, I installed the following packages:

  • ttf-droid
  • ttf-liberation
  • ttf-dejavu
  • ttf-ms-fonts

To install all of these, simply run:

sudo pacman -S ttf-droid ttf-liberation ttf-dejavu ttf-ms-fonts

You may need to restart your browser, or even logout and log back in, but you should notice a change once these fonts are installed.

4 thoughts on “Install Required Fonts on Arch Linux

  1. Lyle

    wow… thx… i was looking into this i had just reinstalled everything and it looked crappy.

  2. nope

    Thanks mate, it greatly imploved my experience

  3. Cephra

    Yo, ttf-ms-fonts is not in the official repos and thus cannot be installed via pacman.
    You should change/add that accordingly.

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