The Simplest DVD Ripper for Mac!

By | 2010/01/05

My wife and I are movie fans. For as long as I can remember one of our favorite things to do is sit down together and watch a movie. Then we had kids and our movies started becoming toys. It is really frustrating to pull a DVD off the shelf and find either that it is missing or that it has baby fingerprints all over it!

I finally found a very simple solution. RipIT – The Mac DVD Ripper. This utility lets you easily rip DVDs onto your hard drive for archiving. This way I can archive my DVDs to my hard drive, and store all of the originals in a box. This way I can still watch my movies (I watch them now from my Mac) and keep the originals safely out of reach of the kids.


To install the latest version of RipIT for Mac, visit the site or use this link: Download

Drag-and-drop the RipIT icon into your Applications folder, and start things up.

The free version allows you 10 DVD rips. After that it has a very affordable registration fee to unlock unlimited rips.


I’ve included some screenshots, courtesy of the main RipIT site, to give you an idea of just how incredibly simple it is to archive a DVD onto your hard drive:

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!